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[Fin] Time For Mafia - Game Over, Scum Wins
Good game, everyone. I'm honestly surprised that I didn't land the chopping block, but, then again, a lot of you are relatively new.

gg tho. gg
silver dollar, black smoke in my eyes
shattered glass, fallen fast, leave me paralysed
why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food
gg all, it was so much fun pretending to be bad at mafia and trying not to look sus lol
Stupid doomed timeline...
Good game, as I said on discord, Oz and GCB :)

GCB, I think I was filing your quietness as 'Might be sus, might be distracted or time zones?' Which, maybe I shouldn't have, you're only 5 hours ahead of me and there's plenty of time in this multiple-RL day-per-day game for that to not be much of an issue. And... you weren't really that quiet and put your weight toward things that turned out to be bad for the inno. Looking back I should have suspected you more. Well played, well played both of you.
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