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"Yeah, jeez, when I joined the police force I was hoping to catch some criminals but like... arrest them for larceny or something, not this. But hey, I guess I did my job well. Well, mostly. That drain cleaner thing really was an accident."
Stupid doomed timeline...
Chili glares at Shannon. Shut the fuck up. I did what you asked me for, and trust me, all the other members of your force didn't fucking help! The only reason that we got away with this is cause this damn sorry excuse for a mafia couldn't even think straight! Said it myself. Should've left this whole damn thing to me. But that doesn't matter.

She pulls a knife out, looking to the remaining Mafia with a wicked smile. You really thought I'd join this circle? As if! I wouldn't share my glory with some sorry suckers like you. And now...I get all of this. Your weapons, your cash, your mansion...treasures beyond belief! Plus, I got to do away with a little competition on my way! Carmello, Carmello. You thought your name would be all over the face of the city! Well it will! On your mugshot! This city's not gonna fear you. It's gonna fear me. And this?! This just proves it!
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i can never let you down

Frank takes Snakeweed's cookie and starts chowing down on it.

Well, got any last words?

You.... go to Hell, Shannon. Cops like you deserve the burn the hottest.

Well, the heat is on you, isn't it?
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Clef just gives off a "meh" expression at the cops. ". . This. . sure is an odd end for me. Though I guess this means the Foundation needs to worry about one less anomaly in this world."
"I can't tell you how many times I've burned everything to the ground and started over."
"I should have known that you are cops. And now I'm doomed and I'll never find my friend and DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME OR WHAT BECAUSE I ALWAYS GET MY WAY, BUT I DIDN'T!!!!! WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!!!
Pfft! You won't get what you want because I'VE already claimed it! Now, do we really have to do these formalities?! Hurry this damn thing up so I can grab what I've came here for.
but if i'm never your hero
i can never let you down

I better be paid well for this one! I risked my shell for you pigs!

I refuse to be polite or heterosexual

"You d—n pigs don't deserve an inch of credit for killin' us! I— Look, you killed a CHILD! Why couldn't you just arrest everyone? Huh? In fact, I'll say this plain 'n' clear! You police are the real criminals here! All we did was save people, stop your government from shippin' more weapons... And you do this. I'm sick of it."
Meanwhile, above the city in a helicopter...

Presidente, should the helicopter really be going this direction? Tropico is wherever you are, of course, but I do not think the palace is that way.

Nonsense, Penultimo! It's right this way! We'll land any minute now.

That building is looming awfully close, Presidente.

We just need to get to the Tropican Embassy...

That's on the other side of the city, Presidente.

I can read a map, Penultimo. My job relies on reading maps.

Presidente, that fuel gauge is looking low.

Look, helicopters don't crash when they're out of fuel. They fall gently.

Is that...

Penultimo, Shush. You worry over nothing!

It was at that moment that the Presidential Emergency Escape Helicopter crashed into the embassy of the neighboring island nation to Tropico, San Marina. Relations were already bad between the nations, and resultantly, El Presidente and Penultimo were never seen again... at least, not until the next scenario was activated.
I am the They who says it!
Chili glares at Joe. ...I didn't have a fucking say in how that kid died! I told you. I wouldn't work with these inept pieces of shit if it weren't for the glory and payout. You didn't even give a shit about the boy, so why're you invoking his name? It's not like you'll be around any longer to spew crap out of that mouth.
but if i'm never your hero
i can never let you down

Shannon then pulls out a baton and smashes Rywa's throat in, making him choked to death from his badly bruised throat.

He then grabs a knife and stabs Joe Miller right in the heart.

He then gets the baton and cracks Alto's skull open.

And the helicopter explodes into a massive fireball after crashing into the Embassy, killing both President and Penultimo.

Shannon then has his cops raid the mansion for all the money and plants C4 around it before he orders the cops to get their machine guns ready and fire at both Carmello and Incognito, turning them into bloody Swiss cheese.

He escorts his undercover cops outside, then pushes the detonator, which blows up the mansion, turning it into a crater with several broken house pieces. He turns to Kim, Snakeweed, Escargoon and Chili.

Here, take this.

He hands them all suitcases.

$5 million for each of you.
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Chili grabs the suitcase, and stares at the wreckage. Hey! That mansion had some good stuff! Even if it's cursed! Didn't have to blow the thing up.

She begins to walk away, towards one of the stolen cars she grabbed the first day. I hope to never see you again, you assholes. But dammit! You better not forget my name. Heh, you're gonna be hearing it a LOT from this day on.

And with that, she throws the suitcase in the trunk. It's revealed she stole a fair share from the mansion before it got blew up, all of it stuffed into the backseat and storage. She hops in, sheaving her red knives, and drives away, laughing as she does.
but if i'm never your hero
i can never let you down


Yeah, goodbye to you too! I'm going to use this money to help the widows and orphans of the Shire Mafia that were killed in this operation... And my friends the Venus Flytraps...

...But also to make sure I'm the biggest pipeweed operation here. Yeah.
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Escargoon gladly swipes the briefcase, a conniving grin creeping across his face.

Perfect... perfect... I absolutely cannot WAIT to put all of this to use... after paying off the N.M.E salesguy, of course!

And with that, surviving members of the Church of Escargoon descend on him, carrying the giant purple snail out like royalty.

Hmm, royalty...

I refuse to be polite or heterosexual

Kim just quietly takes the suitcase and nods.

"Yeah, I'm... outta here. Don't know where I'll go, don't know if I'll be able to live with myself, whatever."

Kim looked as done as she sounded. She'd take a car too, and... who the hell knows where she's going. Home? Somewhere to start a new life? She wasn't sure herself.
Stupid doomed timeline...
...Oh yeah. Snakeweed takes the money, puts it on a pony wagon which she can sleep in at night, and gives a tug to the reings, heading back to the Shire.
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
As Frank watches his undercover cops leave, a man approaches him speaking in a Russian accent.

Yo, comrade. We did what you said. We gave Carmello and his guys all we can and we lost several of our people. You better be right about the money you promised my organization.

Here, he hands the Russian a briefcase. A billion dollars. Feel free to bring in some of your countrymen and build your own empire. At least you know well enough to play nice, unlike Carmello. That was his fatal mistake.

Thank you, Comrade Shannon.

The Russian heads off in a car. Frank heads up to the wreckage one last time and looks down upon it.

Well, Carmello, maybe you know it now.... I'm the true king of this city. Mess with the king, you'll be crushed right under his feet. Too bad you were too stubborn to realize this....

He turns to his other cops.

Let's go, boys.

Shannon and his officers leave the scene, feeling satisfied that in the end, he ended up proving his dominance.



I like bananas. They're yellow.

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