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Close Circle Sign-Ups
Welcome to Crunch City. A city, which like most of the big name American cities, has its glitz and glamor. A popular spot for vacation, with big name entertainment with the football team The Crunch City Chokers, the theatre scene, a hot spot for gambling, a nice place to meet friends and hang out, and also a city known for its diverse population, bringing in all kinds of people from all over the world. Crunch City has it all. But of course like most of the major cities, Crunch City also has its own crime problem. With drug dealers, killers, thieves and gangs. And one of them being the crime lord named Carmello Bianchi. He's a man who's hungry for all the money and power the city has to offer. Quite ambitious, but knowing he can't do it alone, he has his consigliere Incognito (LavenderDream) to help run his organization. In addition, he's brought in 16 new people to work under him, to help him rise among the ranks and form one of the biggest criminal empires in Crunch City. The hard work they all have to put in aside, it seems simple, right? Wrong! Among his ranks of his 16 hires, there are four undercover cops, hired by corrupt Officer Frank Shannon, who have their own job; to kill off the 12 mafioso members and to take down Carmello and his entourage for good. And these people are all violent killers; they are most certainly not your friendly neighborhood policemen. Can Carmello become one of the biggest names in Crunch City and take out all his enemies? Or will Shannon's cops erase them all from the city limits? Whatever side you fall on, make sure your wits and your brawn are top-notch, otherwise this city will eat you alive!

Meet Your Hosts

Carmello Bianchi (Played by me): A power-hungry gangster who started off as a hitman before deciding to branch out to form his own criminal empire. He's made quite a name for himself so far, but now he's ready to take the next step and become the top dog of Crunch City, that is if the other criminals or corrupt cop Frank Shannon don't take him and his organization out first.


Incognito (Played by @LavenderDream): A serial killer who eventually go tired of killing people alone. Impressed by their handiwork, Carmello brought in Incognito as his personal consigliere. They are somebody he greatly respects for their smarts and killer instinct.

Close Circle is a mafia-style game, with 12 town players facing off against 4 scum players. The goal is for all the town to vote off the scum, while the scum tries to kill off the town. The town wins if all the scum get voted off, while the scum win if town members are equal or lesser than surviving scum. Initially, all alignments will have no special abilities to start off with, but will be able to gain some, buying them using money earned from completing challenges, to be described later.

Every day, there will be an investigation to figure out who killed the latest victim. The investigation will incorporate RNG rolls going from 1-10. And evidence can be destroyed if one gets enough bad rolls. If the players think they have enough evidence, they can call a meeting, where they will be taken to The Meeting Room and can vote off whoever they think is guilty of murder. And for added incentive, the money of the victim will be put to stake. If the innocents successfully vote off the killer, the money will be split between the surviving town. However, if an innocent gets voted off, then the money will go to the scum. And after this, there will be the daily challenges, where players will be given a series of tasks to complete and for a chance to earn money. The success of these tasks will be determined by RNG. Whoever has the highest score will win the biggest cash prize and immunity from kills during the night. However, for those who do not do the challenges by the time the deadline ends, they will not receive any cash prizes at all. The money the players earn will be PMed to the once night phase begins, which then they will get the chance to buy and use the abilities, which will be detailed below.

Both town and scum members will have their own abilities to buy during night phase using cash players earned completing missions. After buying the abilities, players can choose to use the abilities or save them for another night. At the beginning of each night, players will get a PM stating how much money they have or any abilities they still have and can choose to do whatever. And note, just to keep things balanced, only one ability can be used at once. For example, if three players choose the Watcher ability, one will be picked randomly so their ability will take effect. However, the ones who don't get chosen will still keep their ability to be saved for another time, unless they get role-blocked, on which it will be gone forever. Both town and scum will have their own abilities to be used as well as the prices as follows:


Watcher: (Costs $500) Any areas you think may be a hot spot for cops to come into? Then take charge and watch a room for the night. Whatever happens in there, you will see. Players who activate the ability will be able to watch one room for the night and whatever happens in the room, they will know. Cannot be used on consecutive days.

Protection: (Costs $700) Do you know someone whom you fear for their lives. They could use a little protection, just in case someone tried to off them, right. Put this into play to save them from any cops. Players can choose anyone of their choosing, which will save anyone that gets targeted by a Cop. Will not protect from Cleaner kills.

Background Check: (Costs $1000) Do you want to see if someone is on the level or do you suspect they might be one of the cops? Run a background check on the person and see how they're on your side. Players who run this ability picks a player of their choice and will find out if they're one of the Mafia or a Killer Cop.

Contract Killer: (Costs $1300) Does your gut instinct tell you that someone suspicious may be a Killer Cop, but they're still at large trying to off your guys. Then hire a contract killer to off that someone suspicious. Players who use this can target someone they think is a Killer Cop. If they are a Cop, they will get killed and you will live. But if they are a Mafia, they will live and you will die instead.


The Blocker: (Costs $500) If you don't want to kill someone just yet, but rather you want to prevent someone from using their ability, this is the one for you to stop them dead in their tracks. Players can use this ability to block one from whatever ability they're using, if they're using it. And if they are, then they will waste the ability.

Investigator: (Costs $900) Do you want to see who has certain abilities and see if a player is dangerous or not? Use the Investigator ability and see what the player has in stock and discuss it among yourselves if the Mafia member needs killing. Players who use this can find out what abilities a town member has.

Cleaner: (Costs $1300) Do you think someone may be too dangerous to live, or maybe you just want a free kill. Hire the cleaner, and whoever you choose will disappear without a trace, no questions asked. Players who activate this ability can choose anyone to kill, no body, no evidence found. It cannot be used in consecutive days.

  1. No god-modding allowed. Your character is the only character you can control. No one else can change other characters or settings without the permission of the hosts and/or players (if it involves one of the players).
  2. No turbo-lurking allowed. It is expected that anyone who signs up to play this game to participate regularly as much as they can and not give out any meaningless posts just to skirt by. If two game days pass by without any significant posts from a player, their character will be killed off. If you can no longer participate, let the hosts know and a replacement will be sought.
  3. (For the scum) If you become a scum, it is expected that you kill someone everyday as it is your role in-game. One person has to be killed every night, so don't stall. Failure to kill someone when the night phase is up will result in one random player being killed off. It could be a town or a scum, so get killing. It will be in the best interest of everyone.
  4. While jerkassery is all right IC, it is stated however that you don't be a jerk to your players OOC. Be respectful and cool with your players.
  5. And while jerkassery and the occasional off-color comment is acceptable, no NSFW, inappropriate or otherwise disruptive actions (i.e. Bill's Brother or Elizabeth Afton) will be tolerated in-game.
  6. Remain in-character in thread.
  7. If you're dead, you can no longer post in the thread. You are still however free to spectate. However, do not give away the killers or any clues outside the thread. Otherwise, you will be permanently banned from the game.
  8. For anyone sending messages to the hosts, please send the messages to ALL TWO HOSTS (i.e. Me and LavenderDream), so we can all be in the loop and we can log all the actions within our private server as soon as possible.
  9. And above all else, have fun with your characters and the game.

Sign-Up Template
  • Name:
  • Appearance:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Height, Weight and Size
  • Abilities
  • Other

Our cast:

1. Kim - Kennifer
2. Gutierrezia "Snakeweed" Took - PointMaid
3. Mike Ehrmantraut - Weirdguy149
4. Chili Pepper Cookie - MadameButterflyKnife
5. Soseki Natsume - TalesofUnder
6. Fake Kiryu - Zanreo
7. El Presidente (f)! (And Penultimo) - Florien
8. Duo - Dookie
9. Rywa Hiroki - Goose
10. Escargoon - CustardAndPie
11. Joe Miller - Magolor
12. Lorenminkho - wingedcatgirl
13. Yukichi - SomeLibre
14. Dr. Alto Clef - TheGeekArtist08
15. Sho Minamimoto - Tophat_E
16. Gin Ibushi - Subparman

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I like bananas. They're yellow.
[Image: download20210201180450.png]

Name: Kim. She's not giving her last name.
Appearance: See image. Short layered brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin. Dresses in jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts. The choker on her neck is an actual tattoo. She's got some other tattoos as well, on her thighs, back, and shoulders. She has a big floral piece on her back and some on her thighs, and the chemical symbol for serotonin on one shoulder. She also has some scarring on her face.
Age: 35
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Height, Weight and Size: 5'3", around 115 pounds, fit/athletic build (think more "track" than "bodybuilding" in terms of fitness).
Abilities: She's a skilled tattoo artist and did a couple of her own pieces, namely the ones on her thighs. She also does piercings. She's pretty fit when it comes to things like running/jogging and is interested in free-running and parkour.
Other: Despite her facial scarring from her appearance in Escape From Zombie Park Island part 1, she isn't a zombie. (she only gets to keep the scars because she thinks they're cool.) Bit of a Lad-Ette type, likes watching sports, drinking beer, etc. Tougher than you'd think from her size. Talks in bold gray.
Stupid doomed timeline...
  • Name: Gutierrezia "Snakeweed" Took
  • Appearance: Pointed ears, curly dark brown hair, green eyes
  • Age: 42
  • Gender: Female
  • Height, Weight and Size: 3'6"; About 80 pounds; Well-proportioned and athletic for a female Hobbit
  • Abilities: Good at going unseen and unheard. Can put back a great deal of food if she feels like it. Excellent leadership ability.
  • Other: It's a fairly open secret in the Shire that she is a high ranking made woman in the Shire mafia... the Shire mafia mostly smuggles good Pipeweed. Speaks in green.
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
  • Name: Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Appearance: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/breaki...0327185046
  • Age: 68
  • Gender: Male
  • Height, Weight and Size: 5'9", 172 pounds, average build
  • Abilities: Good at intimidation and sharpshooting. Is very in shape for someone of his age but isn't superhero levels of bulky or anything like that.
  • Other: This is specifically Mike around the time of Breaking Bad season 4, in case you're curious about timeline shenanigans.
Name: Chili Pepper Cookie
Appearance:[Image: image0.png]
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height, Weight and Size: Short: about 5'2. 120 pounds. Lean with muscle.
Abilities: Good with knives. Very dexterous, on account of having undergone multiple heists. A really good runner. Can handle incredible amounts of spice due to already having illegal amounts of capsaisin since creation.
Other: Speaks like this, you pricks.

Name: Soseki Natsume
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Height, Weight and Size: Height is somewhere between 5'3’’ and 6'0’’. Weight is about average size.
Abilities: Not much to speak of. Soseki is well-versed in the field of English literature, and an accomplished author, but that's about it.
Other: Speaks in brown text.
For my next trick, how about I kick your ass?
Name: "Kazuma Kiryu" (yes, with the quotes), aka. Fake Kiryu


Age: Presumably around the real Kiryu's age, so late 30s (as of Y2)

Gender: Male

Height, Weight and Size: Around the height of Kiryu (so about 184cm/6'0''), probably slightly heavier (so a bit above 88 kg/ 194 lbs)

Abilities: Streetfighting skills, intimidation (of those who fall for it anyway), cosplay skills I guess?

Other: speaks in red
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Hey, I didn't miss this one!

Name: Yasuhiro Hagakure


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height, Weight and Size: 180cm/6'0" tall, and weighs 71kg/157 lbs. He's a bit on the skinny side, but his double jacket hides it enough.

Abilities: As the Ultimate Clairvoyant, he can tell the future! ...But his fortunes are vague, and only have a 30% chance to be accurate. His predictions won't be very helpful most of the time.

Other: Speaks like this, man!
"Sticks and stones can damage your vital organs, so always wear body armour!"
Name: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Appearance: [Image: Fuyuhiko_Kuzuryuu_28Eyepatch29_Fullbody_..._28129.png]
Age: uhhhhhh idk for sure because Danganronpa ages are vague and fucked, but let's just say early 20s
Gender: Male
Height, Weight and Size: 5'1" tall, weighs 94 lbs. He's quite short, much to his chagrin (and yes, commenting on his height is one of the most effective ways to piss him off)
Abilities: As the Ultimate Yakuza, he's skilled with guns and he's quite organised. He's also a good leader and can take charge in most situations.
Other: Speaks in this goddamn colour.
  • Name: Pizzacatcher Cutbug
  • Appearance: pasted (will be in her formal outfit for this, ie. the dress and baseball cap)
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: any pronouns, defaults to they/them or she/her
  • Height, Weight and Size: 5'1", 90lbs, extremely lean (you can kinda see her ribcage if you look close enough but shhh)
  • Abilities: can cosplay as well-known fictional characters to gain their abilities for as long as she's wearing that particular cosplay (for balance purposes, this doesn't include anyone else in the Murderverse and she specifically avoids using overpowered ones on principle). oh, she also has a hammer.
  • Other: speaks in this color, in mostly lowercase. will also be able to see other people's text colors in-universe, as a side effect of their synesthesia.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: 360.png]

Name: Escargoon
Age: Adult, presumably older than Dedede
Gender: Male, uses he/him pronouns
Height, Weight and Size: No official numbers, but he's huge for a snail yet still shorter than Dedede
Abilities: Scheming, inventing, engineering
Other: Speaks in lavender evil text. Is here to serve alongside His Majesty King Dedede
I am not interested in being polite or heterosexual
Name: King Dedede
Appearance: [Image: King_Dedede_-_Kirby_Portal_artwork.png]
Age: Adult
Gender: He/Him
Height: 5'10
Weight: A King shouldn't hafta disclose this- he's approximately 350 pounds.
Size: d u m m y  t h i c c
Abilities: Dedede is incredibly proficient with a hammer, can inhale large amounts of air to float, can toss gordos with his hand intact (somehow) and of course, he can do the s u c c like Kirby can.
Other: Speaks in this color of text.
[Image: 257033_FQuz0GVc.png]
Name: Lorenminkho (usually goes by just "Loren")
Appearance: As an Elcenian blue dragon, she can shapeshift into up to ten forms in addition to her natural form - pictured above is her half-elf form, and she also has hummingbird and otter forms, both of which are entirely the same blue color as her scales.
Age: 279 (equivalent to a 27-year-old human)
Gender: Female

Height, Weight and Size
Dragon: 30 feet long from tip to tail
Half-elf: 5'6", average weight
Animal forms: Average sized for an adult specimen of the species

Abilities: Magically shapeshifting, magically knowing all languages, Elcenian witchcraft (tl;dr potion-making), a little bit of basic Elcenian wizardry, BEING A MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON (Elcenian dragons are such a Mary Sue species and that's why we love them)
Other: Canonically, Elcenian magic doesn't work outside Elcenia. (Innate dragon magic is an exception to this rule.) Until now, we've been playing Loren as though witchcraft is an exception to this rule, but it's up to the hosts.
Name: Yukichi
Appearance: [Image: YukichiAnim.gif]
Age: 19, physically. He's actually 1131 years old.
Gender: Male (uses he/him pronouns)
Height, Weight and Size: 4'9", average weight and size for someone of that height to boot.
Abilities: Levitation, slight bodily glitching, and uh...reality warping if Service Unavailable is to go by.
  • Species: Hypernoid
  • ...are you telling me that I'm taking a vacation with some criminal scumbags!?
E N D L E S S  F U N

quote list

She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

Name: Dr. Alto Clef
Appearance: Blonde guy with three eyes and heterochromia — One's brown/yellow, one's blue, and one's green. Dons a blue shirt, a white labcoat, and brown trousers. Also wears a fedora. [Image in attachment]
Age: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I'll say he's around his 40s)
Gender: Male
Height, Weight and Size: 6'2" (~188 cm), 173 lbs (~78 kg). Is on the leaner side of things.
Abilities: Shooting with guns, a hellishly good liar, as well as making photos of his face turn into other things. Usually animals. But he could turn it into a middle finger once.
Other: Because I don't know what to put as sample text, I'll just go straight to the point — He speaks in this.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Sign-Up Template

[*]Name:  Sho Minamimoto
[*]Age: 21
[*]Gender: Male
[*]Height: 5'11
[*]Weight: 160 Pounds
[*]Size: Skinnier then average yet he's taller as well.
[*]Abilities: Although Sho has no magical abilities in the RG, he's incredibly knowledgeable, especially in math and calculations. He has really steady and quick hands, and he's proficient with the use of most weapons.
[*]Other:..He owns a gun.
Ah well, have at it.
  • Name: Gin Ibushi (yeah, again. Definitely not the same one from BIA. Somehow. Guess he's pulled from a different route in-source or something, I dunno.)
  • Appearance:    
  • Age: 12. No, I don't know why the fuck people thought bringing this kid into a crime syndicate was a good idea either.
  • Gender: he/him
  • Height, Weight and Size: 4'6”, 78.3 lbs, just generally S M O L
  • Abilities: Darkvision, observation, throwing things really hard, being strangely proficient in avoiding dying for an elementary schooler
  • Other: Speaks in this colour.
Welcome back to the craziness, Zorua! We missed you around here!

On that note, I'll be rolling alignments today and you'll all get PMs from me and expect the game to begin within the week!
I like bananas. They're yellow.
This is mainly for Zorua's benefit since he's not on the Murderverse Discord for the time being, but either way I am announcing that Close Circle will begin this Friday at 6PM CST.
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Name: Duo
Appearance: [Image: 7CF73B95-E30D-46DE-A1A7-C2646612B9B8.webp]
Age: Unknown, but somewhat young
Gender: Male
Height, Weight and Size: He's small enough to sit on your shoulder, and he weighs about 5 pounds.
Abilities: Duo has the ability of knowledge, which he spreads around the others. As well as sharp knives and sedatives.
Other: “Hola, criminals! I talk like this.”
Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!
Name: Joe Miller, alias "JOE"
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height, Weight and Size: 185 cm. tall, 70 kg. Somewhat slim.
Abilities: Playing a bass, bartending, keeping the underground information network secret. (Not major spoilers for CYTUS II)
Other: He'll talk in this color.
One spot open for Close Circle if anyone wants it. Sentret has dropped out.
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Name(s): El Presidente (f)! (And Penultimo)

Appearance: El Presidente (f) does not have a canon appearance (for El Presidente (f) is simply too powerful for digital technology to depict). But Penultimo does! 
[Image: unknown.png]

Age: As old as the Revolutionary People's Democratic Republic of Tropico, but the love (and mandatorily voluntarily donated organs) of the people keeps them both looking young. (Penultimo is probably slightly younger though.)

Gender: Female (She/Her) and Male (He/Him) respectively.

Height, Weight, and Size: 5'10'' and 5'6' respectively, both probably weighing somewhere between 150 and 190 pounds.

Abilities: El Presidente has The Strength to carry Tropico through troubled times, The Sight to see insufficiently loyal citizens, the will to pull off some completely insane plots which usually work out surprisingly well all things considered, and an almost remarkable level of corruptibility. Also the loyalty of the Tropican Privateers, Commando Team, Spy Agency, and Hacking Professionals. (Oh, and Penultimo can swim while carrying at least a ton of gold away from an erupting volcano, so presumably he's pretty strong too.)

Other: El Presidente owns the moon. Also, El Presidente talks in High-Quality Tropican Red Smallcaps! while Penultimo talks in Blue Smallcaps.
Shill for Weetabix
Political Scientist
But Still Cool.
One open spot for Close Circle, since Cutbug is dropping out, to whoever wants it
I like bananas. They're yellow.
  • Name: Rywa Hiroki
  • Appearance:    
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: male, he/him
  • Height, Weight and Size: 5'11", 170 lb., average size
  • Abilities: Rywa doesn't have much in the "cool powers" department, but he is more physically adept then your average 17 year old, has decent animal handling skills, and is proficient with flails.
  • Other: speaks in this shade of blue. Works for an "time cop" agency known as the Bureau for Maintaining Multiversal Sanity (BMMS), which is nothing more than a interdimensional protection racket/overzealous copyright enforcement agency.

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