HGS Generator Thing

generates already formatted verbs/nouns for you to use at the new hgs simulator.

copy the results into your clipboard.

Player Number:


infinitive verbs (dabs/dabs/dabs/dabs/dab1):


dynamic verbs (knocks/knocks/knock/knocks/knock1):


verb ending with H (clashes/clashes/clashes/clashes/clash1):


plural noun (spear/spear/spear/spear/spears1)


also here's the is/are text:


update log:

current plans:

made for hunger games simulator: trouble cube edition

if you go there why not check out the rest of the forum too

thanks to &sylvi for allowing me to host this generator on the troublecube domain. if it weren't for &sylvi this probably wouldn't exist since neocities doesn't allow .php files

thanks to w3schools.com for their tutorials on php and html